About Us

The Feliciano Financial Group has been in business since 1983 serving individuals, families, businesses and professionals throughout Texas. Our open and objective client-centered approach, has helped make us one of the fastest growing and established financial services firms in Texas.


  • To conduct our business according to high standards of equity, honesty and fairness.
  • To provide competent, prompt, client focused service which, in the same circumstances, we would expect for ourselves.
  • To treat all clients with fairness and equity, to assure the best value possible.
  • To remain your life-long financial partner to take care of your ever-changing needs.
  • To help you reach your life's financial goals by understanding what is important to you.

The Feliciano name is hardly indigenous to East Texas. Originally from Puerto Rico and then New York this family is proud to call themselves East Texans by choice. The product of two deaf mute but highly inspirational parents they learned at an early age to contribute, not take and to involve themselves in their community. As members of School Boards, and a number of community associations, giving back is second nature to this family. And family has always been a top priority. This is reflected in the team who work at FFG as well as their clients. Several times a year events are created to involve everybody within the Feliciano ‘family’. Clients, vendors, colleagues, and employees celebrate such proudly American traditions as 4th of July, Christmas, and anything else worth celebrating. Jose continues his father’s tradition of including everybody. Their participation in community activities and impeccable business ethics have firmly established the Feliciano name nationwide,.

Today, another generation of Felicianos call East Texas home and the family's contributions to our community continue to grow. Although many of you can say we know Jose, Wanda, John, Jeff, Marci, Juanita, Edie, and April, there are only a few who know the truly inspiring story of this special family.


Feliciano Financial Group

Executive Committee


Jose Feliciano


Founder and President

Jeff Feliciano


Executive Vice President of Sales

John Feliciano

John Feliciano


Vice President Emeritus

W. Lane Norvell

Executive Vice President


Adam Todd

VP of Financial Services



  • Holistic Planning
  • Health Insurance
  • Retirement Planning
  • Life Insurance
  • Long Term Care Planning
  • Crisis Management
  • Tax Planning
  • Estate Planning
  • Wealth Planning
  • Business Planning
  • Benefits for Employees
  • Employee Advocacy
  • Estate Planning
  • Wealth Planning
  • Life Insurance
  • Estate Planning
  • Wealth Planning
  • Life Insurance
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