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At Feliciano Financial Group, we have spent the past 28 years developing a holistic approach to wealth management that supports our client base as their trusted advisors, ready to assist in the areas of retirement, investments, insurance, business, and tax and estate planning. The pillars of our holistic planning approach are Advance Planning and Client Relationship Management.

ADVANCE PLANNING consists of Wealth Enhancement – helping client's money grow, Wealth Transfer - finding the best ways to transfer your wealth in the most tax efficient way, Wealth Protection – helping protect client's assets from lawsuits and creditors, and Charitable Giving - helping our client's make decisions regarding money,  when it comes to charities and organizations they care about.

CLIENT RELATIONSHIP MANAGEMENT consists of Relationship Management - where we act as our client's family CFO. They tell us what is important to them, and where they would like their finances to be in the future, and we help them get there.  Professional Relationship Management - refers to our close team of professionals that specialize in different areas, and our ability to act as the trusted advisor reviewing and organizing their existing retirement, insurance, tax and estate planning, and investment programs - acting like an orchestra's conductor, getting each part of our client's financial diversity to play in unison.

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